Travel Ethiopia with omo delta tours!

” When you smile…. the world smile with you!!” Greetings from omo valley southern Ethiopia omo valley! 🇪🇹Come and witness the real authentic life experience of the untouched tribes!🇪🇹 Book your digital excursions now! Contact us:👇 👉 👉E-mail: 👉whatsApp: +251926568189 👉Instagram: @omo_delta_tours 👉Twitter: @Babi_jinka


MEET OMO VALLEY TRIBES OF ETHIOPIA!! Omo Valley is home to 16 unique tribal communities having their own Languages, custom, Traditions, Food choices and territories. Accessing the deep villages is only possible through an adventure along off the beaten track leaving the main roads. They managed to preserving their Ancient ancestors way of life despite … Continue reading OMO VALLEY TOUR ETHIOPIA!

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